Cph Volunteers is the volunteer squad of Copenhagen city. The main reason for its establishment in June 2009 was to make Copenhagen more qualified to host large international events, for which availability of coordinated volunteer work is one of the necessary preconditions.

Cph Volunteers is by no means an organization reserved for Danes only. Copenhagen is a city that is populated by people from all over the world who have found their permanent or temporary home here.
We aim to reflect this diversity and thus welcome everyone who wishes to do volunteer work with us, regardless of nationality.

By helping Copenhagen host more prestigious international events, we are providing our share for making Copenhagen a better international host city and a more lively and exciting place to live in for all its inhabitants.

Cph Volunteers supports events that take place in Copenhagen, that are for the benefit of as many Copenhageners as possbile and for which it is vital to use volunteers in order to carry out the event. The event has to be large, preferably international and supported by the Municipality of Copenhagen. The support of the municipality can be in the form of cooperation, financial support, services or facilities.

We do not support events that are of purely commercial, political or humanitarian character.

Event planners who are interested in cooperating with Cph Volunteers are most welcome to contact the Head of Cph Volunteers, Franka Abrahamsen on franka@cphvolunteers.dk or call on +45 33 66 66 48.

Feel like lending a hand to Copenhagen? Sign up for Cph Volunteers here! 



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Cph Volunteers | Byudvikling & Events | Nyropsgade 1, 3. sal | 1602 København V | T +45 33 66 66 48