Member Portrait of the Month

Member portrait of the Month, June - Morten Hansen

Why did you join Copenhagen Volunteers?
It is actually a funny story – and at the same time, a story about the magical world that reveals itself when you begin to follow your intuition.

On Sunday the 11th of March 2012, I suddenly get the impulse, that I should begin doing fitness. Just after I finished my training, I get the impulse, that it would be great to have a kebab. I am on my way to have the kebab, when I pass an Italian pizzeria, and I suddenly get this impulse: “Hey, it could be great to have a pizza!”

While eating a delicious Italian pizza, I am reading a newspaper article, which says that there is free admission for a football match in PARKEN (Denmark’s National Stadium). I look at my watch and realize that there is still an hour until the match begins, and I get this impulse to go and watch the match.

To my big disappointment, all the 37.000 tickets were gone, but the article says you can show up anyway, because it may not be everybody, who cashes in their ticket. On my way to PARKEN, I am waiting on the bus.  A bus arrives at the bus stop and people are getting off. A bloke with an exotic look gets off the bus, and he is wearing a wind jacket which says “Cph Volunteers” on the back. Something inside me says: “Cph Volunteers – I will remember that”.

My bus arrives, and I go to PARKEN. I get in without any problems, and I enjoy the atmosphere among the 25.000 spectators. Later that night, I go on the internet and search for “Cph Volunteers”. A few minutes later, I join Cph Volunteers.

So why did I join Cph Volunteers? It was just this impulse, I got.

What kind of job do you have, and what do you do in your spare time?
I spend the most of my spare time spreading the word about a new voluntary initiative, called asks the question: “Can you make five people smile today?” and urges everybody to make each other smile.
I work as a freelance web designer.

What has been your biggest experience in connection with an assignment for Cph Volunteers?
I was a bartender at e-Boks Open 2012 (Caroline Wozniacki was playing), and it was so great! There was a really nice and warm energy among the volunteers, so it was great to be a part of the team.

What is the best about being a member of Cph Volunteers?
Having fun and meeting new people.


Member portrait of the Month, May - Brenda Happ
When did you arrive in Denmark and why are you here?
I arrived in Denmark in November 2007 from Pennsylvania, USA. My husband was given an opportunity to work in the Danish office at FLSmidth A/S. So we agreed and here we are.

What do you work with and what do you do in your spare time?
Actually in my spare time I am a volunteer for CPH Volts. I have been a volunteer since the Cop15 event in 2009. I am also attending Danish classes for about 2 years.

Why did you join Cph Volunteers?
I joined Cph Volunteers to meet new and different people. I was also interested in the different events Cph Volunteers was hosting. As a foreigner one does not have the knowledge or the opportunity to see these types of events that we as volunteers do. It is really nice to have a “behind the scenes” aspect.

Tell us your best experience with Cph Volunteers...
I would have to say that my best experience has been when I have worked with UCI cycling and the Jazz Fest.  Both have been very well organized and are very nice to all those that are involved. 


Member Portrait of the Month, April - Poo Chu Chua (Shera)

When did you arrive in Denmark and why are you here?
Iarrived in Denmark with my Danish husband and our 4 children in 2000 due to relocation of my husband’s job from Malaysia back to Denmark. I have been working as lecturer in a teachers’ training college and teacher in 3 different secondary schools during my early years employed as education officer with the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Since arriving in Denmark, I have studied Danish during the first few years and stayed home as full time mother to 4 very young children while helping with my husband’s company and working as a freelance Cross-cultural Training Consultant with a company based in America.

Why did you join Cph Volunteers?
I joined Cph Volunteers after reading about their and their members’ contributions in the various interesting activities. I was interested in the opportunities to meet people from different parts of the world and backgrounds. Also the initiatives by Cph Volunteers’ Secretariat at providing useful activities to enrich its members with new skills have attracted me to sign up as a member and to look forward for every chance to enjoy working together with other dedicated volunteers who loves to contribute our time, effort and competencies for Copenhagen and Denmark.

Tell us your best experience with Cph Volunteers...
Since joining Copenhagen Volunteers in July 2011, my first successful sign up for duty was during HM the Queen’s Ruby Jubilee. Although this has been my only experience, it has given me a feeling of pride to represent Cph Volunteers and the chance to distribute Danish flags and souvenir badges to the thousands of people who had gathered at City Hall to celebrate this memorable day. The best experience was when the policemen on duty actually acknowledged us, the Cph Volunteers and allowed us to walk at places that were condoned off to the rest of the public so that we could distribute our flags and badges! I hope to be signed up for more events in the near future and wishes all Cph Volunteers’ members… happy volunteering and let’s aim to be one of the main images of Copenhagen and Denmark!


Member Portrait of the Month, Febuary -Anna Maria Greve

My name is Anna Maria Greve, and I am a brand new member of Cph Volunteers. I study Engineering at DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) and in my spare time I like to do different kinds of fitness and yoga.

I joined Cph Volunteers in the hopes of getting to know a lot of nice new people. What I like about Cph Volunteers is, that there is so many different  events and courses you can participate in, so there is something for all types of people.

My expectations are mostly focused on connecting with some more people in Copenhagen. I only lived here for 1.5 years, so I Am up for experiencing a lot of new things and hopefully get in touch with some good people.

I am not sure which kind of tasks or events I would like to participate in. Right now I feel like it could be anything as long as it sounds exciting!

Member Portrait of the Month, December - Vitalijus Lukosius
 I came to Denmark 2,5 years ago to experience the happiest country in the world! I am from Lithuania, I am a student at Technical University of Denmark, studying Civil Engineering.
The reason why I joined CPH Volunteers is quite simple: I always enjoy new experiences, I like to meet fantastic people, new cultures and had some free time of course! :) This way you not only have a chance to do a totally out of your routine job but also hear first-hand stories from around the world.
I could describe it as virtually traveling around the world with Copenhagen Volunteers.

I believe the best about Cph Volunteers is that you can give a hand and receive a wonderful experience in return. Best wishes to everyone and see you soon! :)

Member Portrait of the Month, October - Melanie Kjellerup
I came from Philippines where i have social life, friends, career, education and family. Few years ago, i fell in love with and married a danish man. I arrived in Denmark last year (2010). Three months after i started learning danish while trying to look for a job in IT or customer-service to adapt to changes in my life, integrate, and be productive. I got pregnant and was very sick so i paused from studying. I continued for a while but been often sick, so i decided to stop a month before my due date. I gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl 6 few months ago. Since then, i just focus on being mother and taking care of my baby, and a wife.
Why did you join Cph Volunteers?
Joining CPH Volunteers suffice my need to do something when i have spare time while on maternity leave and recovery stage. It stimulates my mind, boost my social life, gives a feeling of being productive knowing i helped and been part of an event's success, and somehow an education or familiarization to danish society.
Tell us your best experiance with Cph Volunteers...
I got three in mind i considered best; First was being part of Paracycling event and interviewed some cyclists inspired me as many of them have incomplete body parts but they have strong-will and determination to succeed despite difficulties. Second was the Mad and Media event as volunteers were treated with high regard, food was fantastic, and well-organized. Last but not the least was meeting new acquaintances and organizing evening dinner with most ladies i worked with, to build rapport and more harmonious working relationship someday, have bonding moment, and perhaps make good friends someday. Other than my husband and baby, in-laws, friends and others around me here in Denmark, CPH Volunteers also makes me feel that i belong. I am very happy to be part of CPH Volunteers. 

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